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Starbucks Herbal Teas: See All the Options

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Here's a look at Starbucks herbal tea menu. See a list of all the hot and iced herbal teas at Starbucks. Plus, see ways to customize Passion Tango tea for even more delicious iced drinks.
Starbucks herbal teas.

Herbal Tea at Starbucks

Wondering if you can get herbal tea at Starbucks?

Starbucks has a few options—hot brewed and iced. And their herbal tea offerings range from minty to fruity.

A hot brewed cup of Mint Majesty or Peach Tranquility is perfect anytime you’re looking for a warm and cozy caffeine-free Starbucks tea.

On the other hand, Starbucks single iced herbal tea offering, Iced Passion Tango, is packed with fruity flavor and is a refreshing summertime drink.

As a matter-of-fact, Iced Passion Tango is my go-to Starbucks iced tea order, especially when I’m craving a Starbucks Refreshers drink but want to skip the caffeine.

It’s also a great sugar-free Starbucks drink when you order it without lemonade.

In this guide, see all the herbal tea drinks on Starbucks menu along with delicious ways to customize their herbal iced tea.

Starbucks Peach Tranquility and Passion Tango herbal teas.
See all the herbal tea options at Starbucks.

Starbucks Herbal Tea: Quick Facts

  • Starbucks has three herbal tea blends, two for hot tea and one for making a variety of iced tea drinks.
  • Herbal tea drinks at Starbucks can be enjoyed on their own or combined with other drinks like green tea, lemonade or flavored juices (peach, guava or apple).
  • Like all herbal tisanes, Starbucks herbal tea is caffeine-free. Additionally, all Starbucks herbal teas are served sugar-free. To sweeten it, the barista can add liquid cane sugar or any other type of sweetener upon request.
  • Starbucks herbal tea is made from Teavana tea bags. For hot tea, the number of tea sachets you get depends on the Starbucks cup size you order. Starbucks Iced Passion Tango Tea tea drinks are made from large batches of brewed iced tea concentrate.
  • The flavors of herbal tea at Starbucks varies by country. For instance, U.S. Starbucks stores do not have chamomile tea, whereas many European countries have it on the menu. Although, the Peach Tranquility blend does contain chamomile flowers.

Herbal Tea Flavors

There are only three blends of herbal tea at Starbucks. However, these herbal tisanes can be combined with other drinks to make even more fun and delicious tea drinks.

For starters, here’s a look at what’s in each blend.

Mint Majesty Herbal Tea: Contains spearmint leaves, peppermint leaves and lemon verbena.

Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea: Contains apple pieces, candied pineapple pieces, rose hip peels, peach pieces, chamomile flowers, lemon verbena and artificial flavoring.

Passion Tango Tea: Contains hibiscus flowers, citric acid, natural flavors, cinnamon, apple, licorice root, lemongrass and fruit juice extract.

Cup of Starbucks Mint Majesty herbal tea.
Mint Majesty is one of two blends of hot herbal tea at Starbucks.

Top 12 Starbucks Herbal Tea Drinks

Here’s a list of every drink at Starbucks that has herbal tea in it.

Keep in mind, only Starbucks plain herbal teas are caffeine-free and sugar-free. This is not always true when mixing herbal tea with other drinks like green tea or lemonade.

The first five drinks in the list are herbal teas on the Starbucks menu. All the others are popular ways to customize Iced Passion Tango tea.

Nutrition information is for a grande size drink.

Starbucks Iced Passion Tango tea is the best caffeine-free herbal tea on the menu.
Passion Tango is Starbucks only iced herbal tea and customers love to mix it with other teas, juices and lemonade.

1. Mint Majesty Herbal Tea (served hot)

Regular Menu Drink

This hot-brewed Starbucks herbal tea is the perfect blend of spearmint and peppermint with a touch of lemon.

This caffeine-free, calorie-free tea is perfect to wind down in the evening or anytime you want a warm and cozy herbal tea.

Ingredients: Mint Majesty Herbal Tea Bag + Hot Water

Nutrition: Caffeine: 0 mg, Calories: 0, Sugars: 0 g

2. Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea (served hot)

Regular Menu Drink

A hot cup of Starbucks Peach Tranquility tea is my favorite herbal tea to order on a chilly night.

Packed with lots of fruitiness from bits of apple, peach, and pineapple along with rosehips, lemon verbena and chamomile, it’s hard to believe this herbal tea has no calories. It’s delicious!

Ingredients: Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea Bag + Hot Water

Nutrition: Caffeine: 0 mg, Calories: 0, Sugars: 0 g

3. Honey Citrus Mint Tea (served hot)

Regular Menu Drink

Medicine Ball, Sick Tea, Flu Bomb, Cold Buster—whatever you call this former “secret menu” tea drink, it’s tasty no matter how you feel.

But make note, unlike other Starbucks hot herbal teas, this drink has a touch of caffeine and some sugar.

This is because it’s a combination of Peach Tranquility herbal tea, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, steamed lemonade and a touch of honey sweetness.

Ingredients: Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea Bag + Jade Citrus Mint Tea Bag + Hot Water + Steamed Lemonade + Honey Blend Syrup

Nutrition: Caffeine: 16 mg, Calories: 130, Sugars: 30 g

4. Iced Passion Tango Tea

Regular Menu Drink

This herbal iced tea is enticingly-pink, crisp and tasty, and a real thirst-quencher.

In a word, Iced Passion Tango Tea is refreshing.

Make note, like all Starbucks iced teas, this drink is served up sans sugar. But you can add-in a little sweetness if desired.

As with all-things-Starbucks, the choice is yours.

Ingredients: Passion Tango Herbal Iced Tea Concentrate + Cold Water + Ice

Nutrition: Caffeine: 0 mg, Calories: 0, Sugars: 0 g

Cup of Starbucks Passion Tango tea with lots of ice.
Delicious Iced Passion Tango Tea

5. Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

Regular Menu Drink

With a touch a lemongrass in every sip of Passion Tango, mixing this already-delicious iced tea with lemonade is a match made in heaven.

My preference is a splash of lemonade (always watching the calorie, you know). But this shaken drink comes with equal portions of tea and lemonade.

Ingredients: Passion Tango Herbal Iced Tea Concentrate + Cold Water + Lemonade + Ice

Nutrition: Caffeine: 0 mg, Calories: 50, Sugars: 11 g

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6. Iced Passion Tango Green Tea Lemonade

Drink Customization

This iced tea duo is a simple mix of herbal tea and green tea.

The vibrant blend has a touch of caffeine. For extra sweetness, add in some liquid cane sugar or sugar alternative.

How to Order: Ask for an Iced Green Tea Lemonade with Passion Tango or order an Iced Passion Tango Lemonade with Iced Green Tea. You’ll have to order this one in-person since there’s no way to combine two flavors of tea on the Starbucks app.

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7. Iced Guava Passion Tango Tea

Drink Customization

Typically Starbucks guava juice is used for a couple black iced tea drinks on the menu.

But it’s equally as yummy shaken into an icy cup of passion tango herbal tea—if not better.

I mean, it’s like fruit with even more fruit.

How to Order: Ask for an Iced Passion Tango Tea with an add-in of guava juice. On the Starbucks app, select the iced tea, click the customize button, then select “Guava Juice Blend” in the “Juice Options” section.

8. Iced Peach Passion Tango Tea

Drink Customization

It only makes sense to bump up the flavor of Passion Tango with Starbucks sweet peach juice.

After all, this herbal tea blend has bits of peach in it. I guess you can think of it as a harmonious mixture.

How to Order: Ask for an Iced Passion Tango Tea with an add-in of peach juice. On the Starbucks app, select the iced tea, click the customize button, then select “Peach Juice Blend” in the “Juice Options” section.

9. Sunset Drink

Drink Customization

Let’s face it; most iced tea drinks don’t have the eye-catching appeal of some layered and swirly Starbucks iced coffee drinks or colorful Refreshers with fruit inclusions.

But this Tik-Tok inspired Sunset Drink is definitely Instagrammable.

Reminiscent of the setting sun, this colorful drink combines green tea, peach juice and lemonade. A final red layer of Passion Tango sits on top.

How to Order: Order a sweetened Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade with a splash of Passion Tango tea on top. You’ll have to order this one in-person or drive-thru.

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10. Iced Peach & Strawberry Passion Tango Tea

Why not add a little more fruit goodness to Starbucks Passion Tango herbal tea?

This simple iced tea begins with a base of strawberry puree. This is the same puree used in many other Starbucks strawberry drinks.

Then, it’s topped with a delightful mix of peach juice and Passion Tango tea.

Drink Customization

How to Order: Order an Iced Passion Tango herbal tea with peach juice and strawberry puree. Using the Starbucks app? Strawberry puree is in the “Fruit Add-ins” section.

11. Passion Tango Tea with Strawberry Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Drink Customization

A wildly popular Starbucks chai tea modification is to top an Iced Chai Tea Latte with a layer of vanilla sweet cream cold foam or even pumpkin cream cold foam during the fall.

So why not add a layer of strawberry flavored sweet cream to an Iced Passion Tango?

Normally cream and hibiscus don’t play nicely together (a little curdling can happen). In this case, however, the sweet cream floats on top of the tea, making each sip creamy and fruity.

Not sure about this one? Just ask for a sample before ordering.

How to Order: Ask for an Iced Passion Tango tea topped with strawberry sweet cream cold foam. You need to order this drink customization in-person or drive-thru since the Starbucks app does not have topping options for this particular iced tea drink.

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