Tea Crafts & Gifts

Wondering what to do with your empty tea tins or exactly how to make a tea tin candle? You’ve come to the right place. Here you can find fun, tea-inspired DIY craft ideas for your home, office, gifts and more.

chai latte powder mix recipe

Quick & Easy Chai Latte Powder Mix

You’re going to love this Instant Chai Latte Powder Mix. The recipe is quick and easy to mix together and makes a great homemade gift in a jar, especially for chai tea lovers.

flavored sugar

How to Make Gourmet Flavored Sugar

Learn to make gourmet flavored sugar right in your own kitchen. The process of infusing sugar with flavors like lemon, vanilla and anything you imagine is incredibly easy.

Friendship Tea Recipe (Spiced Tea with Tang)

This Friendship Tea recipe is a homemade spiced tea mix made with Tang, instant tea, lemonade powder and spices. Not only is it quick and easy to make a batch of Friendship Tea, but it’s a tasty gift for tea lovers, too.

cup of tea on diy tea tag tile coaster

DIY Tea Bag Tag Tile Coaster

Tea bag tag coasters are a fun and easy craft. Just save up your tea tags to make this one of a kind, diy coaster that’s a conversation starter, too.

DIY Hand Poured Tea Tin Candles

Harney and Sons tea tins are perfect for so many diy crafts including hand-poured, scented candles. The tins come in many colors and flavors and make great homemade gifts.

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