Tea Shops

It’s fun to discover a new specialty tea shop and this is the place where I share them with you, as well as reviews of their teas. Additionally, you can find tea tips, guides and more for the big tea shops like, Starbucks, Adagio and David’s.

starbucks caffeine free tea

Quick Guide to Starbucks Caffeine-free Tea Drinks

This helpful guide to Starbucks caffeine-free tea drinks shows every tea on Starbucks menu with 0 mg of caffeine. Plus, see the the caffeine content for all their other hot and iced teas, ranked low, medium and high caffeine.

starbucks green tea and matcha guide

A Barista’s Guide to Starbucks Green Tea & Matcha Drinks

Starbucks green tea drinks and Starbucks matcha drinks are featured in this barista’s guide. Here you can learn all about the Starbucks green tea and matcha menu for both hot and iced drinks, as well as lattes and frappuccinos.

pecan pie pu erh dessert tea and slice of pie

Dessert Tea Review: Pecan Pie Pu Erh

A tea review of Old Barrel Tea Company Pecan Pie Pu Erh made with New Mexican pecans. Hint: it’s nutty and delicious!

Starbucks Wellness Tea: Tea with a Boost

A look at Starbucks Wellness Tea collection: Defense Wellness, Comfort Wellness and Rev Up, as well as the brewed teas Starbucks makes using these blends.

main counter inside durango colorado tea store

Old Barrel Tea Company: Durango, Colorado

Old Barrel Tea Company, with shops located in New Mexico and Colorado, makes unique and tasty blends of tea. Here’s a look inside their Durango, CO location.

best starbucks iced tea

Best Iced Tea at Starbucks: A Barista’s Guide

Everything about Starbucks iced tea drinks in one convenient guide. See
all the best Starbucks iced teas ranked by popularity. And get tips to customize your favorite iced tea at Starbucks.

hot tea at starbucks

A Barista’s Guide to Starbucks Hot Tea Menu

List of all Starbucks hot teas on the menu, including brewed and tea latte options. This guide shows all the kinds of tea at Starbucks, as well as how to customize your favorite hot Starbucks tea.

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